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We're a talented team of designers, programmers and thinkers.

We enjoy challenges. We like solving problems and we love learning the lessons it teaches us. We love to build tools that our clients use and we really love to hear how much they like our work.

Agile Team = No Overhead.

DCC Lab is a collaborative of programmers and designers who operate in a virtual office. Our core team has a long working history with each other and just like a traditional office we communicate and collaborate on all sorts of projects daily. As a matter of fact, we operate exactly like a traditional office except we travel a far shorter distance to work every day. Our clients don't pay for expensive office space in downtown, wherever.


Years of experience allows us to be proactive on projects. We don't go silent on our clients. Timely returned emails and on-schedule performance is what we consider standard. We provide on-point estimates, spelling out each service to be provided in a clear, easy to read format. The systems we install are built on common conventions, usually open source technology.

The Team

Jim Doll Director

Jim Doll

With over 10 years studio experience, Jim has a wealth of advertising industry knowledge. From San Francisco to Miami and back, he thrived as a Studio Manager. As VP Studio Director at Publicis, Jim also gained strong recruitment skills and perfected his Creative Management persona.

Chris Brown Technical Director

Chris Brown

Chris is a standards junkie, and proud of it! He started his love for all things web when websites were nothing more than a few hyper text markup pages linked together. Since then he has worked with web technologies; throughout the 'web 2.0' days, and is currently focused on the modern HTML5 web and the emergence of web applications. He oversees every project that is developed by DCC Lab.

Francisco Arenas Lead Front End Developer

Francisco Arenas

Fran is an early adopter fanatic, he always pushes the web to the next level using the latest technologies available. With a background in Computer Science, Advertising and Marketing, he can understand every client project and squeeze the most of it to deliver the best interfaces possible to fulfill their client needs!

Shawn Mathews Lead Back End Developer

Shawn Mathews

Shawn is good, damn good! No, we mean it. PHP, PERL, RUBY, JAVA, MySQL PostgreSQL...he does it all. An expert with SilverStripe, WordPress and other content management systems, Shawn is our go-to-guy for any back end heavy lifting.


  • SA5-SF


    Making the simple look easy is always the hardest part of any project. A lot of hard work goes into simple!

    The creative team at SA-5 asked us to produce their website as a single-page experience with a breakout work section. The challenge, make this simple design look effortless and make the functionality smooth. Functionality is never a problem for us, but making all the individual pieces perform smoothly and effortlessly required a lot of attention to details. To round off some of the hard edges we added smooth scrolling, hover fades and trasnitions to the main section. For the work breakout, we pull in each project with an AJAX call to avoid any page refreshes. And what about AJAX and SEO? We made sure that each work section has a unique URL that can be index by any search engine.

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  • Fairyland

    Children's Fairyland

    Jennifer Anderson and Leanne Chabalko of Ogilvy West created a fun, imaginative and interactive design for Children's Fairyland based in Oakland California. They asked us to produce the site and had some very particular considerations.

    The site needed to be content managed from a control panel they owned and had access to. Prior to this, their site was hosted with a company that made all the content edits for them by request. This put Children's Fairyland in an awkward position as they were at the mercy of their host to do timely updates, which unfortunatley didn't always get done in a timely manner. Additionally, since the park is an outdoor experience, they are not open on rainy days. Not being able to access their content meant that they could not post park closures. This also meant that on heavy weather days, Fairyland was inundated with phone calls from potential visitors. Another concern for the new system was the amount of content Fairyland had. Visitors of the site would have to scroll through long pages of content to find the information they were looking for.

    DCC Lab created a custom CMS solution for Fairyland based on the SilverStripe CMS framework. Fairyland is now free to make their own updates. And best of all, they can do so whenever they want or need to. In addition to the CMS itself, we built a custom widget that pulls weather for the park in real time and is displayed on the home page of the site. Visitors no longer needed to call, they can see for themselves the actual weather in the park. To solve the issue of long scrolling pages we incorporated an optional accordion menu on each page that the Fairyland content editors can not only edit, but add or delete whole accordion sections entirely. Additionally we created a visual content area at the top of each page that can be used to show a single image, slideshow or a video; all controlled from the CMS.

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  • The Skinny Vine

    The Skinny Vine

    Our friends at The Hive Advertising, asked us to produce this fully responsive, SEO friendly, interactive user experience, website. Oh...and it needed to support IE8. We love a good challenge!

    The site is built on a grid that responds down to any mobile device. And what about IE8? Well, not only does the site work in IE8, but it looks equally as good as it's more modern HTML5 view. Not a small task considering the codebase takes full advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 standards.

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    The Skinny Vine
  • Bluskye

    Blu Skye

    Blu Skye helps companies establish a profitable, sustainable advantage. We worked closely with Rebecca Harris, Director of Expertise Marketing; Linda Angela Hoecker, Office Manger; and Jib Ellison, Founder and CEO of Blu Skye to ensure that their website was built in a smooth, timely manner. The site was designed by Anna Tou and content strategist Ben Carmichael. A smart client now has a smart site and CMS (SilverStripe).

    The site is packed with functionality, and includes a JavaScript slideshow controlled by the CMS, blog with integrated case studies, white papers, and much more. DCC Lab built an automated site that Blu Skye can update with ease.

    The Thinking section is a blog built into the content management system to add stories, images, and approve comments. The right column of this section features links to white papers, case studies, news, events, and tags for access to a wealth of information.

    Information like employee bios, job postings, images, are entirely updatable in every area of the site. Click on the employee thumbnail to go to their personal bio page.

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  • Zero Waste Marin

    Zero Waste - Marin

    The Hive Advertising needed to execute a complicated website/application for the City of Marin. Marin's goal is to be 100% waste free by the year 2025. To accomplish this goal, they are encouraging people—through a series of personal challenges—to make better purchasing and lifestyle choices. Beyond just being an informational website, the Zero Waste Marin site needed to host an email-challenge application.

    The application collects the user's data from a form and stores it in a database. Once the user is entered into the system they receive a welcome email with encouragement for their participation in the challenge of their choice as well as instructions on how to manage their information that was collected, which include signing up for additional challenges, changing their personal information and of course, opting out if they wish.

    Marin wanted to encourage challenge participants by showing them exactly how much trash they are keeping out of landfills by simply sticking with their challenge. Each challenge has a counter that tracks enrolled users and tallys their collective progress. The total is displayed next to the challenges call to action. In addition to the functionality that challenge participants can see, DCC Lab also created a set of tools for the site administrator. When a user signs up for a challenge they are also signing up for a newsletter that contains tips and information that will help and encourage the user to do more to reach the zero waste goal.

    Keeping track of a large subscription list is a daunting task, but DCC Lab produced an automated way of dealing with the problem. By connecting the Zero Waste Marin website to a third party service that automates the newsletter process, the site admin doesn't have to do anything to maintain the newsletter list. When users sign up, the site communicates the users opt-in preferences to the newsletter service—automatically sending data to the service. And when a user changes their preferences, the site also communicates those changes to the newsletter service, automatically. No need for the administrator to worry about keeping the data straight.

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    Zero Waste Marin
  • Chief People

    Chief People

    Chief People is a truly unique kind of recruiting agency. They deliver customized solutions to meet their clients specific staffing requests, and needed a site that is up to date, informative and that integrated with their job posting services provided by Compas. Chief People had both a creative and development requirement.

    Contracting Designer Chelsea Martell and Copywriter Kristy Warner, DCC Lab worked with the creative team and client to achieve a well designed, user- and CMS-friendly site experience. Using the SilverStripe Framework, the client is in charge of their site and updates. Using the iframe provided by Compas, the jobs section is always up to date with new job postings. Updating the People contact section is a breeze with easy placement of images and copy.

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    Chief People



We offer a wide range of programming services. We have experience building custom web applications, back-end database management, ecommerce, newsletter and email applications, web content management systems, UI design for non-web systems, user interface, mobile application interface and we've even built a fair amount websites. We provide both front and back end programming support for agencies, art directors and small business. We specialize in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and many other programming languages.

Content Management

Whether you're managing web pages, files, users or any kind of content, we can build a robust management system that is highly customized for your applications needs.

Information Architecture

We can help you map your data and define how it relates and flows throughout your application. A good information design informs the visual design process and gives interactive designers new opportunities to find creative ways to best present the information.


We can get you started on a basic SEO plan to give your web application the best possible chance to be found. SEO is not a mystery. Most people just don't know where to start. We can help you get started and give you the tools to make good SEO decisions in the future.

Application and User Interface Development

Already have the back end covered and you just need a front end resource to put a face on your latest, greatest application? Not just the web. HTML, CSS and JavaScript are everywhere. Even in embedded devices and places outside the web. Got an application that nobody's seen before? Don't have anything to compare it to? No problem. Application UI development is something we're quite good at.

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