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The Team

We're a talented team of designers, programmers and thinkers.

We enjoy challenges. We like solving problems and learning the lessons they teach us. The reason we like our work isn't just because we build tools that our clients can actually use, but because they appreciate it and tell us that it's made a difference. That's what we're all about.

Agile Team = No Overhead.

DCC Lab is a collaborative of programmers and designers who operate in a virtual office. Our clients don't pay for expensive office space in downtown, wherever.


Years of experience allows us to be proactive on projects. We don't go silent on our clients. Timely returned emails and on-schedule performance is what we consider standard. We provide on-point estimates, spelling out each service to be provided in a clear, easy to read format. The systems we install are built on common conventions, usually open source technology.


Below is a small sample of projects we've worked on. Hover or tap on an image to learn more about our role in the project.

Want more information on what you see here? Don't see what you're looking for? Chances are we've done it, but a lot of the work we do is done under non-disclosure. So while we can't talk about those publicly, if you would like a private consultation we can share a little more about our capabilities.

  • Colten Cowell Foundation

    Responsive, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript, CMS and eCommerce Stripe integration.

    coltencowellfoundation.org »

    Colten Cowell Foundation
  • K9 Contenders

    Responsive, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript with MailChimp and CMS integration.

    k9contenders.com »

    K9 Contenders
  • New England Biolabs Foundation

    Design, Responsive, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript and CMS integration.

    nebf.org »

    New England Biolabs Foundation
  • Children's Fairyland

    Responsive, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript and CMS integration.

    fairyland.com »

    Childrens Fairyland
  • Creative Action Institute

    Design, Responsive, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript and CMS integration.

    creativeactioninstitute.org »

    Creative Action Institute
  • Getting More

    Responsive, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript and CMS integration.

    gettingmore.com »

    Getting More
  • Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue

    Design, Responsive, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript and CMS integration.

    donkeyrescue.org »

    Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue
  • Pacific Musical Society & Foundation

    Design, Responsive, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript and CMS integration.

    pacificmusical.com/ »

    Pacific Musical Society & Foundation
  • Perry Moore

    Design, Responsive, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript and CMS integration.

    perrymoore.com »

    Perry Moore Wine
  • Shawn Poe

    Responsive, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript and CMS integration.

    shawnpoe.com »

    Shawn Poe
  • Souverain

    Responsive, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript

    souverain.com »

  • Recruiting Linkups

    Responsive, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript single page scroller with parallax and CMS

    recruitinglinkups.com »

    Recruiting Linkups



Interactive design is more than pretty pictures. It's about putting the user first. It's about creating great experiences that users want to return to. We bring some of the best interactive designers in the world to our projects.

Not just the web. Interactive design is everywhere. Even in embedded devices and places outside the web. Got an application that nobody's seen before? Don't have anything to compare it to? No problem. Application UI development is something we're quite good at.

We can also help with your information architecture. We'll map your data and define how it relates and flows throughout your application. A good information design informs the visual design process and gives interactive designers new opportunities to find creative ways to best present the information.


We offer a wide range of programming services. We have experience building custom web applications, back-end database management, ecommerce, newsletter and email applications, web content management systems, UI design for non-web systems, user interface, mobile application interface and we've even built a few websites too. We provide both front and back end programming support for agencies, art directors and small business. We specialize in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, ASP/.NET and many other programming languages.


Whether you're managing web pages, files, users or any kind of content, we can build a robust management system that is highly customized for your needs.

We'll also get you started on a basic SEO plan to give your web application the best possible chance to be found. SEO is not a mystery. Most people just don't know where to start. We can help you get started and give you the tools to make good SEO decisions in the future.


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